Volume I Issue I

Volume I Issue I

‘Necessary and Sufficient’(NAS) Test: Healthy Inter Regulatory Relationship
K.K. Sharma

Legal Education in India - The State of Affairs and Way Ahead           Bhumesh Verma

Conventionality v/s Unconventionality: Critical Analysis of Recent Developments in Trademark Law                                                                     Deepika Chhangani

Competition  Law in Affordable Health Care: Importance of  CCI             Parag Agarwal

Adultery: The Unturned Side
Alok Priyedarshi and Garvit Goel

Uniform Civil Code: Unborn Child of the Constitution                         
Prabhakar Ganesh

Registrability of Unconventional Trademarks 
Deepmala Dutta and Taruna Jakhar