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What is PRAGYAAN ?

WE at Law League India are motivated to encourage students to undertake research on existing lacunas in the society. It is our belief that any potential change in the society can be triggered by the actions of law students and legal personnels. This vision of pooling together public spirited individuals is manifested in the form of ‘Pragyaan’ under which we shall be addressing various social issues that affect our country. 


Research is our primary tool to contribute to the society. We aim to conduct empirical projects to address various social evils that plague our society.


Students are our strength. We believe that any potential change in the society shall be driven by the actions of the students of India. Pragyaan brings together public spirited  individuals to bring about a change


Pragyaan aims to serve the needs of the society and cater to the demands of people suffering from various social issues. Pragyaan shall periodically take up projects addressing different social problems.


Last year, the country was facing one of its worst water crisis ever and several cities had run out of water. Residents of various cities did not have enough water to drink, bathe or wash clothes. The brunt of the crisis was and still continues to be faced by Chennai as it has completely run out of ground water. While lack of rainfall and climate changes are obvious reasons for this crisis, poor management, lack of government planning and increasing water pollution are equally responsible. The water crisis has been drawing worldwide attention as the possibility of completely running out of water by 2050 is looming strong in India. 

Reports have called it the worst water crisis in India’s history i.e. threatening hundreds of millions of lives and jeopardising economic growth. The Prime Minister had highlighted that there are 226 districts in the country where there is a water crisis. The Government also has introduced the Jal Shakti Ministry to tackle the issue of water scarcity. The new ministry amalgamates the ministries of water resources, river development and Ganga Rejuvenation with the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. The ministry aims to work towards increasing water storage, lifting the groundwater levels, constructing dams and improving transportation of water between States.  The whole country is hoping for a good rainfall as that is the only instant solution to this problem. However, the government needs to be prepared for the future and ensure that there is sufficient water for every citizen throughout the year. There is a need to raise awareness about the water crisis as the same is devastating and is impacting the life of thousands of Indians. 

Adding to the problem of water shortage is the problem of water pollution in India. Indian rivers are ailing and sick due to the disposal of affluent waste products and lack of awareness. The same is the cause of several health hazards and sanitation issues. ‘PRAGYAAN’ i.e. the social project of Law League India addressed the water issue in Chandigarh. The increasing water pollution ailing Sutlej River has had an adverse impact on the residents of Chandigarh. Water Pollution is another reason that adds to the shortage of drinking water and contaminated water is left unfit for consumption. Our project aimed to address the problem and mass level deficiencies of sanitation and water pollution in the vicinity of Chandigarh, the Capital of Punjab and Haryana. The project was undertaken an empirical study and analytical of the substandard conditions of sewage disposal and treatment in Chandigarh, attempting to formulate several problem-solving mechanisms. 

After having completed the empirical research and received the replies for the RTIs filled, we are now working on filing a PIL with the help of our legal team.  


Sutlej is Ailing

Quality of Water

Sewage Treatment  



                   -- Swami Vivekananda

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