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Indian Arbitration Society Blog



The IAS Blog is a facility for promoting research in the field of International Arbitration. The IAS Blog creates a platform for students to report on the latest developments and address the existing lacunas in International Arbitration. Students are expected to contribute their distinctive opinions and standpoints so as to stimulate an exchange of ideas in all aspects of International Arbitration. The blog posts must address the underlying issues that plague International Arbitration. The primary aim of this blog is to act as a catalyst promoting discussions and deliberations on different themes of International Arbitration.


Submission Guidelines

  • IAS blog accepts submission on a rolling basis on International Arbitration
  • All contributors must comply with the submission guidelines below when they prepare their contributions.
  • Authors must include a short title reflecting the issue being addressed
  • The submissions must be concise and meticulous not exceeding 1500 words
  • Authors must use endnotes and not footnotes (uniform citation)
  • The articles are expected to be analytical rather than descriptive.
  • The Co-Chairs of Indian Arbitration Society shall have the sole discretion in determining whether to accept a submission or not.

Submission Details

•All submissions must be sent in an MS Word document to

•The mail must also include the name of the author, name of the institution and contact details.