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While aspirations soar high among law students, the ability to realise them often poses struggles. Since the inception of National Law Schools in India, the legal education has moved towards single-discipline universities that offer integrated honours and law degrees to students. The budding diversity of career options in the field has allowed law students to choose varied focus areas through academics, competitions, internships, research , etc. These choices are often contingent on how one wants to add to their curriculum vitae. This practice has bred a commendable sense of competitiveness and zeal into the legal fraternity.

Law School is one of the most dynamic educational experiences given the innumerable set of activities that an individual is expected and allowed to indulge in. As compared to students from other fields, law students are more accustomed to a synchronised, critical and analytical research in social, political, economic and legal spheres. They are urged to add to the society by undertaking research on existing lacunas in these related subjects by engaging in policy discussions and  suggesting transformation reforms.

However, the lack of a uniform system across law schools has resulted in students being educated and equipped with different means and methods, often to their detriment. For example, the traditional pattern of imparting legal education in India is different from the research oriented framework practiced in the other jurisdictions. Despite the abundant potential at the disposal of law schools in India, participation in active legal discourse from students across different university patterns has been limited. With the inception of Law League, we aim to bridge this gap.

An initiative of the students of Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai under the direction of Prof. Bhawani Prasad Panda, Former Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra National Law University and Mr. K. K.  Sharma, Managing Partner, KK Sharma Law Offices, Law League seeks to remove the ‘law school handicap’ by allowing an equal and even playing field to students across the country by encouraging their participation in our collaborative events and research projects. Having started on this journey in 2016, we aim to contribute to the society by tapping the immense potential of the legal fraternity and creating an exclusive network of like minded individuals with a common objective.

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