Blog Guidelines

  1. The Law League India Blog accepts submissions on a rolling basis on issues of contemporary relevance.
  2. Submissions can be in the form of articles, opinions, case comments and short notes on the aforementioned topics.
  3. Submissions should be the original work of the contributor.
  4. Please include a 50 word max bio. We also welcome links to your personal website and social media accounts. You may include a photo of yourself.
  5. Authors are advised to keep their articles concise and precise to enhance the effectiveness of their posts, ideally not more than 1500 words (Longer submissions must be made to the Journal)
  6. Authors are advised to make crisp, initial paragraphs to summarise the substance of their posts.
  7. The relevant sources should be ideally mentioned in the texts. Footnotes should be avoided and must only be used where necessary.
  8. Wherever case law, statutory materials or other resources are being referred to, appropriate links must be provided to those in the endnotes or the text itself.
  9. The articles should be analytical rather than descriptive.
  10. Please ensure that the title of the submission is not long.

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