A pool of Public Spirited Individual

WE at Law League India are motivated to encourage students to undertake research on existing lacunas in the society. It is our belief that any potential change in the society can be triggered by the actions of law students and legal personnels. This vision of pooling together public spirited individuals is manifested in the form of Pragyaan under which we shall be addressing various social issues that affect our country.

Water pollution is one of the foremost problems that plagues our society and has deep rooted consequences. Sewage Disposal and Treatment has been a major concern  and effluent water is known to have caused serious health and sanitation problems to both human and aquatic life. Law League, under ‘Pragyaan’ initiative,  shall be bringing together a team of students to address a similar problem ailing the Sutlej River in Punjab. The Project shall be focussed on the problem and mass level deficiencies of sanitation and water pollution in the vicinity of Chandigarh, the Capital of Punjab and Haryana, home to several eminent bureaucrats and political leaders. The project shall undertake an empirical study and analytical of the substandard conditions of sewage disposal and treatment in Chandigarh, attempting to formulate several problem-solving mechanisms.

With this project, Law league shall be advocating against poor Governmental control in the area of discharge of untreated / effluent water spreading pollution & diseases. The scope of the research shall extend from collecting raw data with respect to water usage to visiting govt. officials to collect information. On the basis of the project outcome, we shall be seek to file a complaint/petition under relevant provisions of Environmental Law and fundamental rights, seeking compensation for affected persons.