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Swapnil Singh founded Law League India in 2018 with the aim to motivate and encourage law students to comply with the need for quality research on ailing issues in the society. Law School is one of the most dynamic educational experience one can get given the innumerable set of activities that an individual is expected to indulge in. Since the inception of National Law Schools in India, the legal education has moved towards single-discipline universities that offer integrated honours as well as law degrees to students. The diversity of career options at the disposal of law students allows the students to choose their focus areas. Students inclinations vary from academics, competitions, internships, research, etc depending on how they want to structure their curriculum vitae. The problem though remains that there is no uniformity among law schools with regard to the purposes for which they educate students. The traditional pattern of imparting education in India is different from the research oriented framework in other jurisdictions. As compared to students pursuing other courses, law students are more accustomed to critical and analytical research in social, political, economic and legal spheres. They are not only urged but expected to add to the society by undertaking research on existing lacunas in the society and suggesting transformation reforms. Despite the abundant potential at the disposal of law schools in India, participation in active legal discourse has been limited. Law League India seeks to provide a platform for law students to contribute to the society by indulging in discussion and exchange of views with respect to essential legal, political, social and economic issues. As the co-founder of Law League India, Swapnil Singh is motivated to tap the immense potential of the legal fraternity by creating an exclusive network of like minded individuals with a common objective.

Primarily a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Swapnil Singh is presently a final year student at Maharashtra National Law University, pursuing B.A. L.LB (Hons). He has particular interest in corporate law and has the experience of interning with several top law firms. He has taken keen interest in research activities and his work is widely published. In line with the objective of Law League India, Swapnil Singh and his team run a social initiative named ‘Pragyaan’ wherein they address social problems though empirical research. Their most recent work has been on the ailing conditions of sewage in Chandigarh and the growing water pollution in the region.

Address: 06 Z.S.A, B.J.S Colony, Jodhpur, Rajasthan  342006

For any further information, he may be contacted at 8209884820/swapnil@lawleague.in

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