Welcome to Law League India

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide assistance to all the researchers, students and practitioners and allow
students to indulge in positive and constructive competitions against each other thereby nurturing
their skills. Moreover, we thrive to create a network of the legal community to facilitate
communication and interaction between individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cull out the talent amongst the students by instilling in them competitiveness. The merit of an individual can only be assessed by their all-round abilities. We at Law League seek to provide such a platform where the students will interact and engage in various endeavours. In order to ensure that the students attain their maximum potential, we shall extend our assistance and guidance at every juncture.

Our Aim

We aim to create a sense of responsibility amongst law students to add positively to the society. Our aim to enhance the sense of competitiveness amongst students and provide them a platform to exhibit their hard work. Our team is dedicated to ensure that every student receives the requisite amount of support and motivation for them to achieve their maximum potential.

Why Us?

Experienced Panel

Our advisory board consists of experienced luminaries in the field of law and guidance will trickle down from the very best. The research assistance is provided by a pool of experienced and talented students.

Platform to indulge in various activities

We organise events where students from across the country can participate and learn. The diversity of the events allows individuals with different interest areas to engage themselves.

Exclusive Social Network for Legal Community

Law League Network is an exclusive social network for individuals in the legal community to connect, help and inspire each other. Access to experienced dignitaries, lawyers, law students has never been easier.


Students, Academicians, Law Proffessionals, Organisations and Universities are invited to collaborate with Law League and be part of a collective effort to facilitate interaction, competition and discourse within the legal community.


It is great that students of Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai are adding to the society in such a positive and constructive manner. Law League is a great initiative and I am happy to be associated with it.

Professor Bhawani Prasad Panda

Ex-Vice Chancellor, Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai

They have a pool of very talented and informed students who are inclined towards contributing to the society in a positive manner. The idea that they are orchestrating is very peculiar and exciting.

Mr. Jitendra Solanke

Advocate, Rajasthan High Court

The Law League is an excellent idea and has immense potential. 

Mr. Bhumesh Verma

Managing Partner, Corp Comm Legal