Legal Development and Policy Review (LDPR)

Legal Development And Policy Review is a bi-annual, open-access, double blind peer reviewed, interdisciplinary refereed journal published by Law League India. The journal aims to provide a platforms to discuss and enhance the understanding of contemporary legal issues as well as setting out new ideas and arguments. The purpose of LDPR is to bestow on our readers outspread information on recent developments affecting laws and development. The aims of Legal Development and Policy Review are :

● The primary aim of the journal is to generate a platform for discourse of issues relating to crucial developments in the legal field.

● To monitor legal developments, reforms and seek appraisal of the legal system

● The Journal shall thrive to spread legal knowledge and education to diverse communities.

Legal Development and Policy Review receives a considerable amount of support and guidance from its Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors is composed of Legal Practitioners and academicians from across the country. The Board of Editors seek advise of the Board of Advisors on issues pertaining to practice in the law field along with prolongation and enlargement of relations in various areas of law.

The journal encourages contributions from legal luminaries, professors of law and other related fields, academicians and students. LDPR doesnt restrict itself to any particular theme and is dedicated to the examination of contemporary issues.

Theme : Contemporary legal issues


About the Publisher

Swapnil Singh, the founder of Law Law League India is responsible for the publication of LDPR.

Address: 06 Z.S.A, B.J.S Colony, Jodhpur, Rajasthan  342006

Contact: 8209884820/

Legal Development and Policy Review
Editorial Team and Advisory Board

Advisory Board and Editorial Team

The advisory board of LDPR consists of some of the top law proffesionals and professors of the country. They take keen interest in ensuring high standards for the journal. The editorial team is dedicated and consists of lawyers and law students from across the country.

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Guide for Authors

It is very important for the authors to stick to the specific guidelines of the journal. Complaince with the author guidelines is a pre-condition for the manuscipt to be considered for publication.

Legal Research Assistance

Previous Editions

The first and second issues of Volume 1 of LDPR are available for the readers. The subsequent editions will be uploaded in due course.

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